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Published On: 2019-02-19

Five hundred years ago, when Lord Krishna appeared in Navadwipa as Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Lord Balarama appeared with Him as Lord Nityananda. Lord Nityananda took birth in Ekachakra, a small village in West Bengal in the year 1473. His father, Hadai Ojha and mother Padmavati, were pious Brahmins originally from Mithila. Nityananda Prabhu was born on the auspicious thirteenth day (trayodashi) of the bright fortnight (Shukla paksha) of the month of Magha.
The Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School celebrates this morning the most auspicious appearance day of Sri Nityananda Prabhu. The festivities started in the morning by an ecstatic harinam sankirtan from the students of primary and secondary classes. Different groups performed the chanting of Hare Krishna maha-mantra and songs in glorification of Lord Nityananda. The sweet vibration of the holy names filled the air, inviting everyone to be absorbed on the purpose of this celebration. This was followed by a wonderful drama on the deliverance of Jagai and Madai.
Lord Nityananda was an ocean of compassion and mercy to the extremely fallen souls of kali yuga. He delivered the most degraded miscreants brothers Jagai and Madhai . They were not just drunkards but also meat-eaters, woman-hunters, bandits and sinners of all description. When Lord Nityananda saw Jagai and Madai creating a disturbance on the streets of Navadwipa, He thought that if He could bring these fallen souls to the path of pure devotion, people would develop a strong faith in the Sankirtan movement of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Lord Nityananda humbly requested Jagai and Madhai to give up their sinful activities and chant the holy names of the Lord. The two brothers became angry and Madhai threw a piece of a broken earthen pot at Him. Lord Nityananda was hit on the forehead and began to bleed. When Lord Chaitanya heard of the incident, He instantly appeared there in great anger and invoked His Sudarshana Chakra to kill Jagai and Madai. Lord Nityananda begged for the Lord’s mercy reminding Him that in this incarnation He would not take up weapons against the demons. Lord Chaitanya relented only on the condition that the two brothers would give up their sinful ways and absorb themselves in devotional service by chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra. The terrified brothers pleaded for the Lord’s mercy and surrendered to Him. Thus it was by the immeasurable mercy of Lord Nityananda that two sinners took shelter of Lord Chaitanya and became pure devotees.
After the drama of Jagai and Madhai, His Holiness Bhakti Gaurav Narayan Maharaj gave a special class on the glories of Lord Nityananda. Maharaj highlighted Lord Nityananda’s causeless mercy on the deliverance of Jagai and Madhai and he accentuated on Lord Nityananda’s mission to assist Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu on propagation of the chanting of Krishna’s name all over the world.
The majestic Gotipua dance troupe invaded the stage and amazed the audience with their graceful steps and unblemished acrobatic movements. This dance formation is not an easy one to master, as it requires rigorous training and regular practice. The wonderful performance of Gotipua boys received a well round of applause and appreciation from the spectators.
Another drama was presented by the students on the first meeting of Lord Nityananda and Lord Chaitanya. After this, the grand bathing ceremony of Gaur Nitai took place. The pujaris headed by HG Raghunath Das prabhu ji facilitated the bathing of Their Lordships. Different sets of deities of Gaur Nitai were standing gracefully on receptacle to accept the offerings of the devotees. Everyone was startled, watching each sacred substance infused with sweet-smelling oils poured opulently over the deities of Lord Nityananda and Lord Chaitanya. It was a pleasure for the eyes and heart. While the bathing is going on, the students were melodiously chanting the holy names of Gauranga and Nityananda. The students recited the Brahma Samhita prayers and continued the harinam sankirtan, transporting everyone to a different realm. Those who are present participated in the most auspicious bathing ceremony and felt tremendously fortunate and blessed.
The event was concluded by offering different articles of worship to the Deities; and a sumptuous feast followed in honor of Lord Nityananda.

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