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Welcome to BGIS

BGISThe Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School (BGIS), located in the beautiful holy land of Sri Vrindavan dham, the abode of Lord Krishna, offers the best of both worlds - the traditional and the modern, the Vedic and the contemporary, the spiritual and the temporal. Teaching includes aesthetics in art, literature and science with emphasis on practical training methodologies A.C Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupada, the founder acharya of ISKCON; laid the cornerstone of BGIS in 1976 in the spiritual setting of Vrindavan dham. He established it with a need to inculcate real education among youth which comprises of meditation, ‘simple living, high thinking’ motto, along with modern education running in parallel with value-based development.

Why Gurukula ?

Each feature of BGIS is geared to bring out each students best. To offer them not just classroom lessons but a few lessons in life as well. To help them rise above just being good students and let them out into the world as good people. Which is why we call ourselves a Gurukula. Here, the students imbibe in their hearts a devotion to Lord Krishna based on the teachings of the Bhagvad-Gita. Teachings that are delivered not sentimentally or dogmatically but in a philosophical and cultural way, using both contemporary and traditional educational methods.

A unique balance

The school offers a unique balance of the best of both worlds - the traditional and the modern, the Vedic and the contemporary , the spirittual and the temporal. Athorough academic programme with small classes. Enthusiastic teachers with the time to help each student. A well equipped campus in the rich cultural and spiritual town of Vrindavan. The youthful energy of an international student body student and playing together. Yearly adventures that include visiting South Indian holy places, mountain climbing, hiking and swimming.


We are also an International School. We use the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) exam in the 10th standard and the Indian Certificate of Education (ICE) exam in 12th. Bearing witness to the well-rounded nature of BGIS is the fact that our teachers and students come from around the globe, providing a rich, natural forum for cultural exchange and appreciation. Thus, the BGIS experience gives a student the opportunity to excel in his studies while holding a spiritual worldview. The outcome is a well-balanced individual ready to take on lifes challenges.

BGIS Expansion

We take privilege to announce the construction of our new campus in 100 acres of plot near Ajhai Village which is 3KM from national highway opposite to GLA University, where Gurukul and Goshala will be relocated.


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