The Bhaktivedanta Gurukula & International School
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Check-In and Check-Out

• Please return your sons to school on time after the break. All students, including High School Students, must be checked into the school with a parent or guardian. We will not accept any student who arrives at the school unaccompanied. High School students must return to school with their hair cut short.
• Students entering Classes 9 and 11 *must* meet with the Academic Director to finalize subject choices for the Board Exams.


First installment fees must be paid on or before April 5th. Students whose fees are not paid will not be accepted into the school until the fees are paid. Imprest accounts also need to be balanced at this time.

Student Money

• Gurukula students (Grades 1-8) are not allowed any personal money. A small amount of money can be kept with the ashram teacher, to be used on Sunday. Money can also be contributed to your own son’s ashram treasury, which will be used for special treats for all the students in his ashram.
• High School students may keep some personal money at their own risk. If the money is used improperly, they will loose this privilege.

Following School Rules

• All students are required to follow the established school rules. We follow a system based on natural consequences for not following. For example – lateness is punished by spending time in detention, mobile phone or mp3 players will be confiscated and not returned, bad language by cleaning duties, not speaking English will have marks reduced on their English grade. If a student receives a lot of detentions, marks will also be deducted from their final score sheet.
• For serious offences students may be suspended or expelled.
• A separate detailed list of our discipline standards is available upon request.

Calling and Visiting

• Phone calls only on Saturday evening after 5pm and Sunday.
• Visits are allowed every Sunday only from 10 am – 4 pm (Grades 1-5) and 10 am – 5 pm (Grades 6-12)
• All communications with regard leave outside the school’s scheduled breaks must be between the school and the parents. We will not consider any requests for leave received through or from your son, either written or spoken. The school will also communicate directly with you. We will not involve the students.
• You can also write us at [email protected] or [email protected]
• Please do not expect to visit your child if you come to the school during the week. It causes disruption for the school program .
• Schedule appointments to meet the academic/ ashram teachers through the secretary.
• Any package sent to your son will be checked by the school before delivery. Please do not sent eatables or any of the restricted items.

Summer Clothing(Students must bring the following)

• 4 white banyans
• 6 underwear
• 2 nylon swim short
• Atleast 3 sets of casual clothes (Preferably kurta, pajama, simple T-shirt and trouser)
• 4 Pairs of navy blue socks (they must be embroidered with the students initials)
• 1 pair of sports shoes (non-leather only)
• 1 pair of sandals (non-leather only)

Winter Clothing(Students must bring the following)

• 6 pairs of navy blue warm socks (they must be embroidered with the students initials)
• 2 set of cream coloured theramal underwear (tops and bottoms)
• 6 underwear
• 2 pairs of warm pyjamas
• 2 sets of casual clothes
• Slip on shoes (to be worn with socks; non-leather)
• 1 pair of sports shoes (non-leather only)
• 1 pair of sandals (non-leather only)
• 1 sleeping bag for long educational tour.

Academic Supplies

• A pencil case with pencils, eraser, pens, coloured pencils, markers and a pencil-sharpener.
• A ruler
• Geometrical instruments (Class 6+)
• A scientific calculator (Class 10+)
• A school bag: backpack can be used as school bags, but we recommend a regular school bag with two shoulder carrying straps. Single strap shoulder bags or backpacks are not acceptable.

Optional Supplies

• Torch/ flashlight with batteries
• Hat for hot weather
• Extra bed-sheets
• Swim goggles
• Ear plugs for swimming
• Small chain for locker key (Classes 9-12)
• Alarm clock
• Board games – chess / checkers
• Sports equipment – table tennis bats, badminton rackets, soccer balls, etc.
• Mosquito repellent
• Slippers or sandals for the bathroom

Please Note:

• Students are not allowed to have mobile phones, ipod, cd-players, mp3-players, , digital cameras, laptops etc., in other words – no electronic gadgets or accessories. If found, such items shall be immediately confiscated and disciplinary actions will be taken.
Please do not send any food items along with your son. If you wish to give some eatables to his whole class, please ensure that you follow our prasadam standards. Fruit, nuts, maha prasadam from the temple or the school bakery, or good quality sweets (no silver foil) are acceptable. Do not drop off or send your son back to school with any junk food – biscuits, soda, candies etc.
• Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled / marked and note that the school will not be held accountable for the loss or breakage of belongings. We prefer that the students do not have costly personal items here at school (fancy watches, expensive jewellery, expensive toys etc). These often become a great source of anxiety if they become lost or confiscated. We encourage leisure activities that build social skills and foster interaction, and we believe too many electronic devices disrupt the school environment and may hinder children’s ability to develop healthy relationships. Simple living, high thinking is the fundamental principle of our school.
• The school cannot be held accountable for the loss or theft. Please ensure that all items are clearly marked with the student’s name using indelible marker.